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MHS Employee Wellness Program

Would you like a Free Health Risk Assessment?

Know Your 4 for More!

and how you can reduce your risk for chronic disease,  disability and death!

The free health risk assessment, available to MHS employees and their spouses, consist of:

     A 10-minute survey     Vital signs     Lab work to check blood sugar and fat levels.  

This is being done at no cost to you, and can be repeated yearly!

Once all the data is entered, you will receive your results with an evaluation of your health risk.

We would also ask that you participate in a study to allow us to evaluate your results over time.  You do not need to be in the study to have the Health Risk Assessment done!

Because we believe this study is so important, if you participate in the study you will be entered into a drawing for a $100 gift card when you complete the health risk assessment, awarded once a month.

To complete the assessment, you will need to:

     Complete the Survey: Click Here!

     ◦ Before the survey, there are two consents asking for your participation in a study. You do not need to sign the consents to have the health risk assessment.

          Report your height, weight and blood pressure: Click Here!

               You can have blood pressure measured anywhere where you can reliably have your blood pressure measured: provider office, pharmacy, etc  

               Other options include:

                    MHS Outreach Office, 406 Colgate Dr., Entrance B, Marietta, OH 45750, Fridays 8:30-10:30 AM

                    If you are an MHS employee:

                         have your blood pressure and weight measured at a clinical station near where you work, or

                         call for an appointment: 740-568-5322.

          Complete lab work.  A lab order form will be sent to you when the surveys are completed.

          Sign up for the patient portal so that you can receive your lab results.

          Once this is completed, you will be sent your results.

          Check out the other Healthy Options available to you: CLICK HERE.

If you would have diabetes or prediabetes, you might also be interested in the Mastering Diabetes Study.

Along with Your 4 for More, we also recommend:

•Get restorative sleep! Most adults need 7-9 hours of good sleep for optimal health.  If upon waking you don't feel refreshed, or need a nap before noon, you probably are not getting enough.  Lack of sleep increases risk of many of our common diseases, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart attacks, strokes and cancer. It also contributes to anxiety, depression, forgetfulness, poor concentration, poor work performance, increased risk of injuries and death.

•Avoid alcohol!  It is an addictive, carcinogenic substance.  Save it for occasional celebrations.  Never use alcohol as “medication” to relax or when you are sad.

•Be cautious with caffeine!  If you are anxious, don't sleep well, have heartburn or stomach pain, think about stopping the caffeine before taking medicine for these problems!

•Cook more meals at home which decreases the risk of diabetes and heart disease!

•Disengage your mind from stress / work each day through an enjoyable activity to decrease your risk of stress related chronic diseases.

•Nurture meaningful relationships to improve your mood, and contribute to health.  Get a buddy!

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