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Fresh Start!

Are You Ready for Health?

     •Have you tried fad diets, weight loss programs, health foods and supplements without success? 

     •Are you tired of being ill, taking too many pills, unable to do all that you want to do?  

     •Do you want to be healthy for your children and grandchildren?  

     •Are you willing to put in some effort? 

     •Are you ready for a change?

If you answered "Yes!" watch these videos:

Are you ready for a Fresh Start!
Lifestyle Medicine: Treating the Cause!
It is never too late for a change!

Along with Your 4 for More, we also recommend:

•Stress management activities daily and as needed.

     •About 7.5 hours of healthy sleep each night.  

•Avoid caffeine after 2 PM (or about 8 hours before bedtime).

•Cut back on caffeine if you are jittery or anxious!

•Minimize or eliminate alcohol (none within 2 hours of bedtime).

•Save alcohol for celebrations only; never use it to self-medicate, relax or when sad!

•Build nurturing relationships! (Volunteer, attend church, etc.)

•Get a buddy!

Our program follows the guidelines of

The American College of Lifestyle Medicine

Lifestyle Medicine


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