Fine Tune Your Life!

To maintain your car in good working order:

*Don’t use diesel fuel for a gasoline engine.

*Rotate the tires

*Change the oil and other fluids

*Get routine checkups

How due you keep your body in optimal working order?

Learn how to 

Fine Tune your Life!

The Basics

Print the goals for this module (to the left), or have a notebook ready to write them down.

Generally, a “balanced” plant-based whole food diet, consisting of fruits, vegetables, legumes, cooked whole grains, and some seeds and nuts, provides all that you need, and  supplements are not necessary, except for vitamin B12.  

Consider taking 2500 mcg per week of vitamin B12, or if your are 65 or older, 1000 mcg per day, unless you know that you are regularly consuming products fortified with it (nutritional yeast, some of the “milks”).

Two other supplements to consider are:

Turmeric for high cholesterol (despite eating a plant based diet) and inflammatory or autoimmune diseases.

Flaxseed, for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, atherosclerosis, diabetes, weight loss, and many other illnesses.

Featured Recipe for this Session

Pasta Primavera

Watch, Read and Do! (Homework)

Expand Your Understanding!

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