Continuous Glucose Monitoring Study

Do You Have Diabetes or Prediabetes?

We are looking for about 15 people to participate in a pilot study to evaluate the effectiveness of using continuous glucose (blood sugar) monitoring to help develop a healthier lifestyle while participating in a Lifestyle Medicine class, taught by Dr. Drozek.

The Lifestyle Medicine class is a series of 10 ninety-minute sessions over 10-12 weeks offered at various times and locations, including online options.  These sessions are provided without cost to you!  For more information about the Lifestyle Medicine class please email me at

Specifically for this study, we would like you to wear a glucose sensor, a small wire inserted beneath your skin, continuously for up to 12 weeks.  This will provide you with feedback on your blood sugar levels which you can associate with specific foods and activities to help you understand what things increase or decrease your blood sugar.

Each day, we ask that you complete a reflection of what you have learned, as well as a survey at the end of the study.

To be a part of this study, you need to:

-be able to read and write English.

-be enrolled in the Lifestyle Medicine class, taught by Dr. Drozek or in Mastering Diabetes

-be diagnosed with type 2 diabetes (T2DM) or prediabetes (PDM)

-be at least 18 years of age

-be comfortable wearing a sensor continuously for up to 12 weeks

-have a smart phone and be comfortable utilizing apps

-be able and willing to daily enter data concerning food consumed, exercise, stress management activities and sleep.

-be willing to complete a daily reflection on the relationship of your blood sugar to lifestyle activities.

-be willing to complete a survey at the completion of the project about their perceptions of utilizing continuous glucose monitoring (CGM)

Normally, if this equipment was prescribed as treatment, the cost to you and / or your insurance company would be about $6700, but is being provided free as part of a study.

You do not have to participate in this study to attend the Lifestyle Medicine class.

If you have questions please email:

For the study consent CLICK HERE! 

David Drozek, D.O., FACLM

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(This study is being performed by Dr. David Drozek under approval of the Ohio University Institutional Review Board, Protocol #20-X-94 )

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