Read Labels, Shop Smarter

How will I know what to buy?  

How can I make sense of all the labels and advertising?

Some of the foods I eat and ingredients I cook with are not that healthy.  What can I substitute for these?


Core Principles & Activities 

Key Concepts

(Feel free to watch this video on Youtube, where you can speed me up!) 

Have Label Reading Guide Handy!

Featured Recipe for this Session

Have you noticed that for certain foods you don’t seem to have any control?  

Then you want to do the worksheet: Consider those Cravings!

Watch, Read and Do!

Have Label Reading Guide Handy!

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5-Day Menu Plan

Pick some of the meals from the video or the

PCRM 21-Day Meal Plan to try as part of your goals for this week!

Expand Your Understanding!

Optional Reading:

Plant-Friendly Grocery Store Tour Article

You're Not the Only One Confused by Food Labels

Keeping Your Produce Fresh: Storage Tips 

Follow the 5-to-1 Rule for Packaged Foods

How to Maximize Savings on a Plant-Based Diet

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